Project GodZILla-131

Project GodZiLa-131 is part of the philosophy of the "slow" movement, which is about to become a cultural revolution. In the era of ultra-fast computers and new technologies, everything is progressing too fast. We urgently need to slow down the pace, otherwise the planet will crash into the wall. Project Godzilla-131 is inspired by the nature of Bulgaria and the rich history that excites every corner of the Balkan.

Who are we?

  • We are two companies and one NGO that unite for the realization of a joint project: Balkan Express LTD., Lafit Ltd. and Rousse White Star travel club.

  • Our services are aimed at:

Organizations and the people in them helping them build teams and personal development.

We have:

  • Psychologists
  • Team of HR specialists
  • Team of lecturers
  • Team of professional (licensed and certified) mountin guides and athletes

We offer:

  • Complex service:
  • Easy (3 companies - 1 product)
  • Fast (offer up to 3 days)
  • No restrictions (Bulgaria and abroad)
  • Budget suitable for your company (package option)

Our products are:

  • Teambuilding
  • Extracted office in nature
  • Theme parties
  • Thematic bearings
  • Journeys to nature
  • Trekking tours
  • Tournament organization
  • Human Resources Analysis
  • Analysis of training needs
  • Conducting trainings
  • And others.

You can add emotion to each of our products:

  • Spa and balneology;
  • Strategic Game (Conquer Castle);
  • Orientation;
  • Snowboard and ski with the possibility of supplementation Orientation or Avalanche safety;
  • Snowmobiles;
  • Sailing;
  • Diving - snorkel and scuba diving;
  • Game "I'll cook the best"
  • Game "Most herbs I will collect"
  • Game "Cocktail making"
  • Karting;
  • Paintball;
  • Kayak;
  • Bicycles;
  • Sea games;
  • Rack games;
  • Self-defense and martial arts
  • Workshop Watercolors Watercolors;
  • Graffiti Workshop;
  • Workshop Ideal workplace;
  • Board Games;
  • Slackline corner.


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